The Science Behind Athletic Body Care

The skin sanitizer formulation has been the subject of four scientific investigations. Two addressed the products efficacy against the Federal Guidelines for antiseptic hand washes and healthcare personnel hand washes. The results of these investigations are represented by the charts below. With repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers germ killing effectiveness (antimicrobial persistence of activity) is reduced by the drying effect of alcohol which leaves microscopic cracks in the skin that can allow bacteria to become trapped or hidden.                

Quick Facts

Antimicrobial formulation kills 99.99% of germs WITHOUT the skin irritation associated with other ingredients like: Triclosan, PCMX, CHG

The cationic formulation helps heal damaged skin, soothes, protects, & replenishes skin's moisture

Published clinical studies demonstrate it outperforms any available antimicrobial sanitizers

In vitro tests performed by SCI Laboratories, Inc.; revised protocol of CFR 333.470, Viromed laboratories Inc.; revised protocol of ASTM E1052, and ATS Laboratories, Inc.; protocol of WLI01041603.COR