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Athletic Body Care


The World's First Skincare Line Designed For The Needs Of Athletes!

Athletic Body Care believes in prevention before infection. Athletic Body Care believes you should be able to play pain free. We know athletes are different.They come into more contact with other bodies, more public workout equipment and more shared locker rooms, than non-athletes. They get more cuts, bruises, chaffing and dry skin than other people. Athletic Body Care understands the special needs of the athlete and we are delivering the world's first complete performance skincare line to fill those needs. Products that protect the athlete's skin, but never hurt its performance with greasy or drying formulas. Products that let the skin breath, perspire and perform. Products that go on fast, but have staying power.


Athletic Body Care Mission

To provide athletes with products that have a purpose, that have been tested and proven to work, at a fair price and to make our brand available with the best possible customer service.

The Genesis Of Athletic Body Care

Adam PageAdam Page is a Los Angeles area father of two, martial arts school owner and founder of Athletic Body Care Back in 2004, Adam was one of the first athletic professionals to notice the growing problem of harmful germs festering in training facilities and gym locker rooms, leading to the spread of viruses that can bring serious harm to athletes, such MRSA staph infections, ringworm and hepatitis. What brought this problem even closer to home was seeing that his two athletic daughters love to train just as hard and long as his male martial arts students do. Adam looked for a skincare line to protect his daughters and students, but discovered a lack in the marketplace of one that addresses athletes' specific needs -- non-greasy to let skin breath, moisturizing, sanitizing, long lasting and easy to apply.

So Adam got together a team of adviser's from sports and science, and founded Athletic Body Care, the world's first skin care line designed to fill the special needs of athletes.


Athletic Body Care
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