Athletic Body Care



I've been using Athletic Body Care for years now because it's so good for killing ring worm and staph. I use it right after training, cause I don't know about you, but I'm a clean Spyda'

-Kendall Grove - UFC Fighter

Training is my life! When I step into the gym, I want to focus on lifting and not wasting time wiping down the facility. Still, Staph infection is too common and spreading everywhere nationwide and getting sick is not an option. So to protect my skin I use Athletic Body Care products! There is no alcohol to dry out my skin and it only takes seconds to apply. My skin is protected and there is no greasy feeling so gripping the bars and handles is not a problem. Thanks Athletic Body Care!

-IFBB Pro Celebrity Fitness Trainer - Muscle & Fitness Cover Model

We use Athletic Body Care products at Cal State Fullerton. The team uses the foaming body sanitizer before practice and it has done a great job keeping us healthy

Dan Hicks - Head Wrestling Coach Cal State Fullerton